A Day Off


We stayed a day at Shallow Creek RV Park planning to ride around and see what there was to see.  Well, there wasn’t much to see around Tyler, Texas so we wound up stopping at the Country Tavern.  Their menu was limited so they didn’t even have a printed menu.  The waitress just listed the available meats and vegetables.  I heard brisket, potato salad, and beans and went with that.  Kim got Bar-B-Que Turkey, Potato Salad, and Spicy Macaroni and Cheese.  The macaroni turned out to be too spicy so I had that too.  Kim’s turkey was enough that she got a doggy bag and had turkey sandwiches for lunch the next two days.

Now the thing is after you have ordered with no menu and you’re sitting there you start wondering how much it all cost.  Well, it was over $40.00!  It was pretty good though.

We found a chip in the windshield.  Not happy about it but insurance will fix it


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