Clovis, NM

11-12 November 2017

From Witchita, we drove 289 miles west to Clovis, NM.  I came back here to visit Canon AFB.   I was stationed there from 1992 to 1997.

We stayed at Bolt RV Park on the east side of Clovis.  It was just a place to park, not much else.  I’ve been looking for a place with Putt-Putt.  No luck so far.

I went to look at our old house.  I loved the front porch and the wide central hall in this house.  We also had a giant tree in the front yard which is no longer there.  Terrible!

We looked around and I didn’t really recognize most of the town.  It was like I had never been there before.  Same for the base.  I got a pic of Matthew and Ian’s old school.

I was disappointed in our visit.  Wasn’t really anything here any longer that I knew.  We did have a great steak dinner at K-Bob’s.

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